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Apple To Source OLED’s from LG


It has been known for quite some time that 2018 will be Apple’s breakthrough year in terms of new iPhone launches. It is expected that Apple has its eyes set on launching at least three new iPhone variants this year.

While all these iPhones will be modelled around the iPhone X design, KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has pointed out that there will be two iPhones which will have an OLED display and the third one will be an LCD iPhone X which will be a lot cheaper and have nearly the same features as seen on the iPhone X.

No more iPhone X

The Kuo also stated that due to less than the average sale of the iPhone X, Apple will be shutting down the production of this iPhone variant from next year onwards. Apple is quite confident that it will be getting massive orders for the LCD variant of the iPhone X.

Also to cut down its reliance on one of its biggest rivals which is Samsung, Apple in all likelihood will be sourcing LCD panels from Japan. However, Apple’s biggest concern will be the OLED panels required for the iPhone X Plus.

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone X fared quite poorly in overall sales and therefore it had to tell Samsung to cut down on OLED production. Now it would seem that to avoid a similar situation this year and to not let Samsung have the upper hand in terms of manufacturing, Apple has struck a deal with LG for making its OLED panels.

Although this was done in the name of competition, LG has not got a good track record with OLED panels. Most famously its OLED panels in the Pixel 2 faced a lot of screen burn issues and also had a very bad bluish tinge on it.

Cheaper iPhones

Also back when the iPhone X was launched, there were already several reports that said that Apple was in the process of focussing on OLED displays going forward. This information led to a drop in the shares of Japan Display and Sharp display which were making LCD panels for the iPhone.

This deal will most likely be of huge benefit to both the parties involved. Also, there is the fact that Apple has its hopes banked on the cheaper iPhone variant with the LCD screen that is more or less expected to drive all the sales this year. Apple has noticed that people are stopping to pay the extra premium that goes along with the Apple brand.

As such they have reduced the price of this LCD variant while offering quite a lot of high-quality features. Will this be the new strategy in Apple’s playbook? We shall have to wait and see when the company launches its devices in September. Will you be upgrading? Remember to sell your phone on Cashify before you upgrade!