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When Is Apple’s Car Coming Out?


With all the rumours that’s coming around, the question on whether Apple is building a car for us remains unanswered. The tech giant has been pretty loyal to us – providing world class technology and devices for years. If so, when is the Apple’s new ‘iCar’ coming out? Or is it really being launched at all?

We came up with few of the evidence which hints us about the speculation around company’s strong rumoured, new smart car.

Is Apple working on an automated car?

There have been rumours about the Apple’s new car circling around the internet for past few days. However, the Company hasn’t made any statement regarding this but the evidence states otherwise.

Recently Apple wrote a letter to the US transport regulators about self-driving car rules. One of the spokesmen of Apple stated that “Apple was excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation”, and that they were “significant societal benefits of automated vehicles to be realised.”

When asked about the new car during Apple’s Q4 2016 financial results, CEO Tim Cook said that Apple “always looks for ways that we can improve the experience and the customer’s experience on different sets of products.”

See that? No denial. We see what you did there, Tim.