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Apple’s Made In India Phones Are Here


Apple recently partnered with the Indian government to open a manufacturing plant in Bengaluru, India. The setup will be run on a contract basis by Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron, with iPhone SE being the earliest productions. After a long trial run and manufacturing in limited quantities, these units are now available for sale in our country!


After prolonged negotiations with the Indian government and even a visit by CEO Tim Cook last year, it was decided that Apple would be setting up a plant in India.

Apple already sells a wide range of products in India through its network of local distributors, but the cost of doing that is significantly higher due to the country’s prohibitive import duties.

Pre-GST Scenario

The iPhone SE, 32GB and 128GB pre GST were available in India at Rs 27,200 and Rs 37,200 respectively. Now, after GST implementation, both the models get a price cut. They are available at Rs 26,000 (32GB) and Rs 35,000. Before the Make In India initiative, the phone was available for 39,999 for the 32 GB version. It is being sold in select outlets all over India and also on Flipkart.

Until now, Apple produced almost all its iPhones in China, with some older models having been assembled in Brazil. Presumably, the devices being manufactured in India will bear an ‘Assembled in India’ label on the hardware.

More ‘Indian iPhones’ Incoming

Meanwhile, the Trump administration continues to pile pressure onto Apple to make more of its products within the United States. India is expected to overtake the U.S. and become the world’s second largest smartphone market this year. Out of this curiosity, Apple has been trying for years to grab a bigger piece of the action. Most likely, we might even see the iPhone 8 come out the assembly line in our very own country too.

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