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Ather Energy Is Saving Our Environment


Hardware start-ups are not the niche that can make one think “India” in the first place. This country has more reputation for the software sorts. Recently the Make in India campaign has thrown a light on this issue. Now here we are, discussing Ather Energy, the hardware start-up that keeps an eye on the environment.

Another IIT Startup

IIT graduates Tarun Mehta & Swapnil Jain founded Ather Energy in 2013. This promising Bangalore-based automotive sapling received funding from Hero MotoCorp, Flipkart, Tiger Global etc.

The company has a vision of working the eco-friendly way. The “Ather” is derived from Aether, literally meaning the purest air. Their innovations are themselves a statement reconfirming the claims; they believe electric vehicles are the future of mobility. Conventional petrol or diesel-consuming vehicles pollute environment by carbon emission and other pollution catalysts. However, the average electric vehicle did not behave as satisfactorily as the conventional ones.

Therefore, they addressed the technology issues and started manufacturing high-performance batteries. Again, just better automotive parts did not satisfy the needs of the customers and a demand for whole products rose quickly.

The Ather S340

In February 2016, the company delivered Ather S340, the smart “unapologetically electric” scooter, which grabbed attention of many people with futuristic tech expectation. A touchscreen dashboard, fast-charging battery, zero lateral weight offset, low centre of gravity, 60 km-in-one-charge mileage, maximum 72 kmph speed and a sporty look are some of the many highlights in this innovation. Also, it is integrated with the S340 mobile app to keep the rider well connected remotely.


Only time can tell how the company sticks to their visions, but Ather Energy undeniably is one of the few promising companies down this road. You can do your bit saving the environment too, starting off with recycling your gadgets.