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Know Why Auto-makers Are Lining Up To Use Microsoft’s Technology!


Being the world’s largest maker of software by revenue, Microsoft is also one of the World’s most valuable companies. The Redmond giants are thinking through all the possible things that customers will be doing in their automobiles.


While Microsoft may not be manufacturing its own smart cars yet, several announcements coming from CES 2016 make it seem like Microsoft is planning to take over the world of smart cars. Unbelievable as it may sound, this might be implemented in the course of action.





In the near future, cars will be connected not only to the Internet but also to other cars, mobile phones & home PCs. As the future cars are being developed as a companion and an associate to one’s digital life, the policy is to be the ultimate platform for all intelligent cars, said Microsoft’s Peggy Johnson.


Unlike Google and Apple, Microsoft isn’t in the car manufacturing market, and doesn’t plan on entering either. Going by the words of Sanjay Ravi, Microsoft’s car tech boss, “We are not competing with any of the automotive brands, that’s a different business”, one can stay assured that Microsoft is not entering the car market anytime soon.




According to Ravi the new game plan of Microsoft is to provide apps, tools, and services to anyone, anywhere they want to utilize them. “Cars of the future are going to look like your workplace on wheels, or like your living room on wheels,” said Ravi. Microsoft has developed its full range of services and as the cars get smarter, they need more software’s from apps to cloud services.


With Tesla, Apple, Google, and many more proposing diverse technologies on how all of this should appear and work, Microsoft is in a good position to keep providing the software that car manufacturers need to succeed, without having to depend on a potentially impulsive software partner. Sanjay Ravi also adds that “It’s a really initial stage for the automotive experience.”