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Barack Obama And His BlackBerry

Source: IBTimes

Back when Obama was chief, the US had one of the most tech-savvy US presidents to date. He used a BlackBerry in and outside of the White House but later upgraded to an unknown. But before he did that, his phone was considered as the most secure device on the planet.

Being at the forefront of everything political in the world and also the world’s most powerful man, security is actually much more complicated than having just a passcode. In almost all cases security means that the device is secure from amateur and professional hackers, and more importantly (and we can’t stress it enough) spy agencies, who want to know to whom, when, what and where he has been speaking and reading.

Sectera Edge

Ex-President Obama was an avid and a very very special kind of BlackBerry device user for at least a decade. However, after becoming President in 2008, he had to give it up briefly for a secure phone called the Sectera Edge which was specially created by the National Security Agency (NSA). But on the President’s demand, the phone was later transformed into a customised BlackBerry phone with camera or texting function alongside obviously top-notch encryption features.

Source: CNNMoney

Among the many unusual things on the phone was the fact that the device is limited to calling only about 10 numbers. This was due to the fact that they belong to those whose phones use the same type of encryption. Their specially encrypted numbers included ex-Vice-president Joe Biden, Obama’s chief of staff and some of his top advisers, his press secretary, first lady Michelle Obama and a few other family members.

A Dedicated Base Station

If that high-tech security wasn’t good enough it would seem that according to many sources the presidential BlackBerry has the ability to connect to only one secure base station. This station can be used to hide the IMEI-number of the device and in such a situation, it can prevent tracking it. The price of this top-level encryption and security is that the White House Communications Agency has to carry such a secure base station wherever the President goes.

There is also the fact that this secure station is also carried inside the presidential limousine too and probably also in Air Force One. The secure base station is probably connected to a secure satellite link with Washington.

Now that Obama has vacated his seat as the President, his original BlackBerry has been given back to him. However, in a recent interview, he has said that he would much rather choose an iPhone or some good Android flagship, as he is now bored of BB devices.