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Battle of Brands: Motorola sucker-punched Apple


Over the course of brand history, if there is one thing that we have learnt is the fact that rival brands always take a dig at each other in the name of marketing. The infamous Pepsi and Coca Cola spat is the biggest example of this trend and in recent times, it has been Samsung and Apple. But there is one thing to notice here, there is always that one player in the game who is watching the clash of titans and makes its move when the game nears its end. It was Sprite that came out with a series of insulting ads targeting both Pepsi and Coca Cola when it seemed like both of them had called it quits. Now, Motorola has played the same role that Sprite did back in the day and has taken a dig at Cupertino-based giant. It is now well known that Samsung intended to steal the thunder from Apple iPhone 7 by launching Galaxy Note 7, a week ahead. But the earnestness to get the device out early cost it dearly and it is now recalling every single Note 7 sold on account of exploding batteries.


Motorola is not the one to lose out on such an opportunity and has risen to the occasion with its #skipthesevens campaign. The brand gathered a group of Apple loyalists to beta test prototypes from Apple and they could not stop raving about how amazing these devices were. Little did they know, these prototypes were Motorola’s own Moto Z and Moto Mods in a camouflage. With this one social experiment, Motorola has driven home the point that it does not matter what brand, quality is ultimately recognized. Following this experiment, Motorola ran a print ad as well with the hashtag #skipthesevens and tagline “the iPhone changed everything. But that was nine years ago.” It remains to be seen how the PR team hired by Tim Cook responds to this personal dig. Samsung sure must be playing an ostrich and regretting the increasingly explosive flagship device.

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