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The best accessories for your MacBook


New computers will inevitably demand new accessories, but when it comes to Apple’s MacBook Pro, they’re especially important. Its USB-C ports may find you needing many dongles, possibly entirely new devices, and more. If you just picked up a new MacBook Pro (Touch Bar or no), here are some of the must-have accessories.

USB-C to USB adapter

This one’s a no-brainer because unless you want to replace all your cords and cables, you’re going to need many adapters for your existing devices. Luckily, Apple is selling them pretty cheap on Amazon along with some cheaper ones sold by other companies

Lightning to USB-C cable

You could also pick up a USB adapter for your iPhone or iPad’s existing cable to properly charge or sync it with your Mac, but this cable has another great use, too: You can put it with a 29W Adapter for faster iPhone and iPad charging.

USB-C SD reader

Even though the new MacBook Pro models shipped with USB-C ports galore, it came at the expense of some of the more well-loved connectors — including the SD card slot. If you still regularly use SD or any other camera cards, you’ll definitely need to pick up USB-C SD Reader. Its small device that can read SD, mini SD, micro SD, MMC, and more, all at a 5Gbps transfer rate.

Wireless Earphones

The new 12 -inch MacBook Pro doesn’t come with a headphone jack — but Bluetooth headphones like Apple’s AirPods or any other Bluetooth headphones are often a much nicer proposition. Even though there are lots of great Bluetooth headphones options out there, but the AirPods are especially nice if you plan on using them with multiple Apple devices.


This accessory is a necessity if you want to connect multiple items to your 2016 MacBook Pro without hauling around a trio of adapters. Using this you can just keep the single adapter in your bag.

Accessories like the aukey USB C Hub can get you four USB 3.0 ports which will allow you to plug in your iPhone, flash drives and other devices to the MacBook Pro.  There is also an option to get a HDMI port so you can connect your computer to a monitor or projector at the same time.

USB C MacBook Pro HDMI Adapter, VGA or DisplayPort

At some point you will be needing to connect your 2016 MacBook Pro to a TV, projector or monitor. Apple TV with AirPlay is a good and handy way to do this, but not every conference room or hotel will support this.

The USB-C Digital AV Multiport adapter can be purchased directly from Apple, which includes a pass through USB C port, HDMI connection and the USB port you are used to using.

You can also buy the same connectivity from other vendors in Amazon with three connections, but if you just want to connect to HDMI, the Select Series USB C to HDMI adapter is a better value.