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Best Mobile: Will The iPhone Be Dethroned?


January 9 2007 was the date the mobile phone industry changed forever. Following a long development since as early as 2004, Apple Inc., pioneer of various products like the iMac unveiled to the world a smartphone that was destined for greatness. The iPhone was a product of nearly 40 months of secretive collaborations between Apple and AT&T Mobility (then known as Cingular). The phone went on sale in the US on June 29th. People were so enthusiastic to buy the phone that crowds gathered in front of Apple stores awaiting their turn to get their hands on the newest addition to the smartphone industry. Media and others started dubbing the phone as the ‘Jesus Phone’.


That was when the throne of the mobile world moved from the decade long king Nokia to Apple.


Every year from then, Apple kept upgrading the iPhone, adding new features and improved functionality to keep up with the advancing technology market.

But the smartphone world now is changing…

The iPhone Timeline
The iPhone Timeline

Most people today prefer buying the best AND the cheapest. And the iPhone surely doesn’t fall in the second category. Stiff competition from Android and its OEMs like Motorola and Xiaomi are trying their level best to ensure that the relatively new king is dethroned.


Stability of Apple first broke when Samsung launched the Galaxy S2 and from then on, it was no looking behind for Android as a whole. Every firm made top notch devices that made the iPhone look like an overpriced commodity.


So how is it now?

Android vs iPhone Meme
Android vs iPhone Meme


This is August, high time for new smartphone releases. Big launches in this month include the Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 Edge +. The OnePlus 2 from OnePlus is also a complete Flagship Killer in its truest essence.


Budget phones like the Moto G3, Xiaomi Mi4 and the OnePlus 2 have taken the smartphone world by storm. They offer top notch specs at mind boggling prices. The ‘Jesus Phone’ of yesterday is now being considered a branded piece of art. People who want the most exotic phones prefer the iPhone and that’s pretty much it.

iPhone's Market Share Has Reduced Since Last Year
iPhone’s Market Share Has Reduced Since Last Year


The iPhone is facing a stiff competition today. The iPhone 6S is expected to launch in the coming weeks and expectations are high. Let’s see what Apple has in store for us, in the literal sense.


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