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Smartphones To Wait for in 2019


2018 has been a great year for smartphones. We have seen some of the most amazing innovations in devices such as the Oppo Find X or the in-display fingerprint reader technology in the Vivo devices. This has got us really excited about smartphones that will be coming in next year. Here’s a list of the top smartphones that we can expect in 2019.

Galaxy S10

This will be the annual refresh of the Galaxy smartphones and we can expect the devices to come with some of the most incredible technologies from Samsung. It is being rumored that the phone will come with an in-display front-facing camera and it seems fairly clear that Samsung will not jump on the notch-express anytime soon.

OnePlus 7

While the OnePlus 6T is still not out, we are quite excited to see what kind of innovation OnePlus 7 will bring next year. There are many rumours that the next-gen flagship from OnePlus will likely have a triple-camera system and also be 5G compliant. The water drop style notch looks to be the same for next year as well unless OnePlus decides to go for a slider.

iPhone 11

No one knows yet what Apple plans on calling its smartphone for next year, but we can be sure that it will be the most talked about the device. The phone could be coming with the very first triple-camera system in an Apple device and we are quite sure that the phone could also sport new FaceID technology and a definitely a newer and more advanced chipset.

Pixel 4

It is hard to think of device which takes better photos than the Pixel 3 and we can expect the same for the Pixel 4. We can hope that Google changes the huge notch on the Pixel 3 XL by giving it a more curved and a better screen. Pixel 4 might not have a dual-camera system, but we do expect that it will be employing some kind of in-display fingerprint sensor in the device.

Poco F2

The Poco F1 was certainly a mind-boggling device and perhaps the most important one in the Indian smartphone market this year. Will Xiaomi be delivering a sequel next year? Most likely and we can expect the device to be powered by the next-gen Snapdragon 855 chipset that will be unveiled towards the end of this year. There might be more amazing features in the device including better heat dissipation and perhaps, if we are lucky, some kind of triple camera system along with a 10 GB RAM variant.

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