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Best practices to keep iPhone Battery Healthy


Back in the days, your mobile phone with a full charge would carry on easily for 2-3 days but with new smartphones it doesn’t even last 12 hours. What can you do if you want to extract the best out of your iPhone battery? Following are the best ways to keep your iPhone going when going get tough.

Buy a power Bank: There are tons of power bank in the market that would suit you iPhone. You can carry the power bank(don’t forget to charge it) in your pocket and use it to charge the phone when you see the battery die .The quality of these products differs, so do some research before purchasing it.

Turn off Wi-Fi: You should be turning on a Wi-Fi connection when you are around a wifi hotspot. But while traveling it is wise to turn it off to conserve battery. To turn off your Wi-Fi Follow these steps. Settings-> Wi-Fi-> press the button next to Wi-Fi.

Turn off Bluetooth: Same as Wi-Fi turning off the Bluetooth when not in use will also save you a lot of battery juice. To turn off your Bluetooth follow these steps. Settings-> Bluetooth > press the button next to Bluetooth.

Turn off Location Services: – Location services are really an integral part of a lot of Apple apps, which pinpoint your location to find driving instructions on Google maps or to add Instagram photos to a map or to check in with Facebook. But constantly updating your location places also drains your battery. So it better to turn of this feature when not in use. To turn off your Location Services follow these steps. Settings-> Location Services > press the button next to Location Services.


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