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How to Block Calls On Android Phones

How to Block calls on Android phones

Tired of getting calls from automatic spammers or creepy strangers? Rest assured, there are ways to block those unwanted calls on Android devices. But this can take some digging. Some companies bury the features of blacklist deep in your phone’s setting. Even worse, some older devices may not offer blocking features at all which is again a big issue.

Nevertheless, there are some ways to block calls on your Android gadget. Here’s our guide to blocking them on your Android phone. Remember – there isn’t one universal way to block calls on all Android devices. The methods for doing this will vary somewhat according to your precise gadget and the version of Android you are running.

Some devices also allow users to enable number-specific blocking in the phone’s settings itself. In some others, you’ll have to download the app.

Blocking calls on an Android Smartphones

On Samsung

Open the Phone app. Select which number you want to block and hit “More” (located on the top-right corner). Select “Add to Auto-Reject List”. To remove or make more edits, go to Settings > Call Settings > All Calls > Auto Reject.

On LG phones

The process is very similar with LG phones,

Open the Phone app. Tap the 3-dot icon (top-right corner). Select “Call Settings”. Select “Reject Calls”. Tap the ‘+’ button and add the numbers you want blocked.

On HTC phones

Open the Phone app. Press and hold the phone number. Select “Block Contact”. Select “OK”.


It’d be wise to download a callblocker app from the Play Store if you’re running a device not mentioned here on this list. There are number of such apps too – TrueCaller, Mr. Number, Call Blocker and more. Once done, you’re all set – no more having to ignore unwanted calls!