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Should You Buy A Smartwatch?


We live in an ever ‘Smartening’ world, a time when gadget usability is steadily increasing. Phones, which were only used to make calls, a decade ago, are now used to check mails, find areas, book tickets and even do shopping. We are now surrounded by all kinds of electronic devices ranging from TVs, phones, tablets, computers et cetera. and all of these devices are getting smarter by the day and their usability is increasing at a rapid pace.


Enter the world of wearable electronics, and the first thing to come to one’s mind is a watch. A tiny gadget wrapped around the wrist which once just showed the time.


Jump a few decades and they started including a stopwatch and a calendar. They also had an LED lighting system to make the screen viewable in the dark. In other words, they got a bit smarter.

Then came touch based watches. They showed the time when the user touched the screen! And after that each touch did some or the other task. They got a bit more smarter.


And then come to 2015, and guess what, the watch is almost a smartphone!

The so called Smartwatches let you connect to the internet, check your mail, and almost do everything that you could on your phone, still retaining its basics of showing the time.


So while deciding to buy a watch now, you may certainly be faced with a dilemma, should I buy a Smartwatch or am I better off without one?


First things first. Whenever a new product is launched, it has its own terms and conditions. The same goes with today’s smartwatches. To use a smartwatch, the minimum OS of one’s smartphone should be Android 4.4 Kitkat. If you don’t have it, it’s a good idea to sell your current smartphone here, and maybe pick up a refurbished one for inexpensive rates.

Battery life is another concern, as smartwatches do support various radios and antennas but have a small battery.

And to increase the battery size, there is almost no room to accommodate it, given that watches are very small.

Even though the batteries are small, smartwatches today are bulky, due to the display and the processor et cetera.


Smartwatches also do not support a SIM card, however they do support picking up calls coming to your smartphone. But a supported SIM card would surely be a plus.

There are many aspects in which smartwatches today are not quite ‘that’ smart to make them considerable for the average consumer.  They also have a high cost, so only a select bandwidth of consumers consider buying them.


So, should you get a smartwatch?


Given the limitations of today’s smartwatches, we would suggest you to wait for a year or two. The tech industry is accelerating at a rapid pace and a year might just be more than enough time for us to finally see a perfect smartwatch worth buying.


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