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5 Camera Tricks For Your Smartphone


Camera makers are involving some of the best sensors and lenses in the camera module of our smartphones. DxOMark, which is a benchmarking website, has been constantly tracking how good smartphone cameras have become.

The Google Pixel 2 has set a new benchmark for great smartphone cameras with its AI-powered single lens which could outdo all the dual-camera phones. But chances are quite high that there are some cool camera tricks that you are not aware of.

Phones and Telescopes

This might be a small detail that people won’t notice but if you stick your camera lens right up the small end of the telescope you can click a perfectly magnified photo at the other end. This little hack can give that 16X Zoom you had always wanted on your smartphone.

Volume snapper

For all those selfie enthusiasts all there, there is a very big hack that you are not quite aware off. Landscape selfies are the best for people in a group and reaching for that camera button at the bottom of the screen can be a real pain. Especially if you have a short thumb. However, that problem is quickly resolved once you take a selfie from the volume buttons, that are present right on the side of the phone making them highly accessible. So start snapping using the volume rocker for group selfies and the photos will never appear out of focus.

Panorama while in transit

Nearly all smartphones have a stock panorama option in their camera app. The problem is that taking a panorama photo can be a bit of a problem with all of its motion blurring and trying to take it in entirety without moving the baseline. Well, what if a car can do the work for you. Just click on Panorama and keep your hand still while the car is moving and watch how easily a panorama shot is taken. It is quite magical, to be honest.

Barcode reader

Yes that is correct, your smartphone is actually a very good barcode reader. Now you just have to download a barcode reader app which you can get on both the Play Store and the Apple App Store. Just point the bar code reader at any of the product barcodes that you see and it will tell you the price and related product. You can also scan a barcode on any item for delivery and you will be able to see the delivery date and the location.

Google Lens

Google Lens is now available for your Android smartphone and it will tell you what object is what in most cases when you point your camera towards it.