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What you can do instead of buying the iPhone 6


Ever since the iPhone 6 has hit the markets, it has been a huge success with people going gaga about it, and even more so in India! Even though the price in India is about Rs.10,000 more than what it is in the USA for an unlocked piece!

The iPhone 6 is a great phone, but whether its worth your hard earned money is debatable. An iPhone 6 can cost you anywhere north of Rs.50,000, right upto Rs.80,000 for the 6 Plus! So what can you do instead of buying the iPhone 6? Well –



#1 – Buy an equally great Android device

With the difference between the two prices, you could buy a brand new Nexus 5, which is still a great phone, and worth every penny you spend on it. If you want to save money, you could even buy a refurbished HTC One – previous flagship that was voted the most beautiful Android device of its year! Check out the HTC One here.

android phone

#2 – Buy a refurbished Phone+Tablet Instead

You could even look at high end refurbished phones like the Sony Z3, which is a phenomenal phone, and is also water resistant! ReGlobe puts its refurbished devices through a 16 layer quality check – so devices are as good as new. You can check out other refurbished Android devices – like the Sony Xperia Z2.

Couple this with an iPad Air – and you’ll have two awesome devices instead of just one. Check out the iPad Air here.

android phone1

#3 – Skip the Tablet. Buy a Gaming Console

If you’re a gamer, you could even buy a refurbished XBox 360, which is definitely a lot more fun than any phone! If you can’t choose between it and the PS4 – check out a comparison here.

gaming device

#4 – Apple loyalist? Buy the iPhone 5S or 5 Instead

But, if you’re determined on getting an Apple device, a refurbished 5S is a good alternative. The 5S is still a great phone and has the fingerprint lock, if you want that feature.

In fact, you can grab the sexy iPhone 5 for within 30,000 with ReGlobe. Check out the options here. With such savings, you can still grab an iPad Air.

And, even after purchasing both of these devices, you may have some money left, which you could put back into your savings!


#5 – Boost your productivity with a Laptop bundle

And saving the best alternative for last, you could buy a refurbished laptop. You can grab both an equally good smartphone, and a laptop too. You could a refurbished MacBook Pro (without Retina display, 2012 model) ! If you’re a Windows user, then many high end Dell, HP and Lenovo Laptops can prove to be very productive for you!


With deals like these, you could end up saving a lot of money, and then set up a fund for your next gadget purchase!



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