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Cashify Launches First Exclusive Offline Store in India to Sell, Buy and Repair Smartphones


The leading re-commerce platform to sell old gadgets, Cashify has launched their first exclusive offline store for customers to offer all the Cashify services under one roof. With the exclusive store people can sell their old gadgets, get their smartphone repaired, buy refurbished smartphones as well as buy accessories for their smartphones.

This is Cashify’s first exclusive store with the assembly of services under one roof and brand has further plans to replicate the exclusive store model to more metro cities, as a part of their offline expansion in India.

While the existing Cashify services like selling old gadgets and ScreenPro screen repair will be part of the services offered, the brand has introduced their range of smartphone accessories and refurbished smartphones in the offering.

Cashify is already dominating the online space as the biggest re-commerce platform to sell old gadgets in India and is looking forward to penetrate the offline market with presence in more cities in India.

While brand already have 25 offline kiosks in 8 cities as of now, but they are more into buying old smartphones, which contributes 95% of the gadgets that Cashify buys.

This store is Cashify’s first experiment to offer all their services under one roof and brand is looking forward to capitalize on it. Cashify is looking forward to open 50 such stores in 10 cities by the end of 2019 and looking forward to invest 10 Crore as operational costs for these stores.

Apart from their own stores, Cashify will also be partnering more offline retails chains in India in order to reach out to more cities and let customers sell their old gadgets on the spot, effortlessly. While its first unique retail store for smartphone users in India, brand is looking forward to make it a

Recently Cashify extended their offline presence to Chandigarh with 2 offline pop-up shops launched at Elante Mall, Chandigarh and VR Punjab Mall, Mohali. The brand has already announced their plan to invest 20 Crore in India to expand the offline presence across 20 cities in India, with 75 offline kiosks/Pop-up shops, by the end of 2019. With more exclusive store on the cards, Cashify is looking forward to dominate the offline re-commerce market as well.

Cashify is already offering free pickup services to sell gadgets in 40 cities, which has been majorly contributing to its success in India. The brand also has been the exclusive buyback and upgrade partners for leading smartphone brands like Apple, Xiaomi, Vivo, Nokia, OnePlus etc. Cashify is also looking forward to launch their own brand of accessories for smartphones and the e-commerce portal for that is expected to go live by first week of July 2019.

Mr. Aseem Goyal, VP – Retail Expansion, Cashify said on the launch, “We are glad to announce the launch of our first exclusive offline store, for all the Cashify products and services under one roof. We wanted to ensure everything related to smartphones, whether to sell them, repair them, buy a new one or just accessorize them, it should be made available at one stop, hence the Cashify store.”

Cashify will buy old smartphones, offer screen repair services, sell refurbished smartphones and accessories at the store. All the services will be instant, on the spot and we will ensure to provide a whole new experience to customers. In the coming months we are planning to reach out to more cities with the Exclusive Cashify stores, as a part of our offline expansion plan in India,” Aseem added.

When it comes to selling old smartphones and other gadgets, Cashify streamlines the entire process and offers a transparent, upfront quote, doorstep pick-up service and instant money for the device.

The Brand is known to offer the best deal for old gadget based on the brand and present condition, where the parameters are completely objective. This also means the amount that a customer is entitled to receive is based on the gadget itself and its current market value.


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