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Cashify’s Game Of Thrones Contest Is Here!

GoT 15th-26th-Apr

It is Game of Thrones (GoT) time and boy has it come after such a long wait. The final season of the epic fantasy series premiers on 14 April and everyone is gearing up for the impending doom that Westeros is going to face.

In the spirit of these series, Cashify is running a new contest on its social media handles that deal with the questions about the popular figures in Game of Thrones. What questions, you ask? Something like these:

– Which character would search it?

– Who would have this phone feature?

– Which character would use this app?

– Which character would set this wallpaper?

– Who would be active on this app?

– Who would this song be about?

Think you’ll get them all? Tune in to Cashify’s social media handles and give us your answers. Exciting prizes await!


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