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Cashify: Hum Aapke Hai Con?

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Imagine a burglar breaks in whileyou and your flatmate are chilling. Not a pleasant thought, certainly. We do understand but bear with us for a bit. Luckily, your flatmate manages to pin the burglar down and she asks you to call the police.

You look for your phone that is nearly three years old and the battery is dead.

What now?

Charge your phone obviously, while your friend is wrestling the robber. And of course, now the phone also needs a lot of time to charge as well.

All this trouble could have been avoided if you had upgraded to a new and better phone, right? Ever imagined your phone would land you in such a spot?

Budget constraints have probably shackled you to your outdated phone, but did you know that there is one place where you can get the maximum resale value for your used smartphone? Obviously, Cashify is what we’re talking about.

Cashify Your Smartphone

Cashify’s process is quite simple. Just head over to Cashify’s website, select the model/variant of your phone, and follow the guide below:

  • Just fill out your smartphone’s condition, age, accessories, warranty period, etc. and Cashify’s algorithms will calculate the best value for your used smartphone.
  • This data helps Cashify generate a fair quote for your device. The company also arranges a doorstep pickup, so you can sell your device right from your home and get cash on the spot.
  • A Cashify agent will visit your place and complete the sale of your phone after inspecting it and providing you with the value for your device right away in any payment method of your choice, including bank transfers, e-wallets, or even cash.

It’s that simple, really. Head over to Cashify’s website and get started now!


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