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Cashify Is Samsung’s Exclusive Exchange Partner


Samsung phones are amongst the most popular globally, and it is  fact that they are the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of smartphones. The company recently launched the Galaxy S9 smartphone with a lot of fanfare and a lot of hype. The Galaxy S9 has also currently become the fastest selling flagship device from Samsung and for good reason.

The phone has a lot going for it – including the lightning fast Snapdragon 845 SoC and also being the world’s first phone with a variable aperture. Now the pricing of the S9 and indeed the Note 8 and S8 might make you think twice about buying them.

Exchange Your Phones For New Samsungs

However, there is always another way. Cashify has an exclusive partnership with Samsung, wherein you can exchange your old Samsung smartphone for cash or you can exchange your old Samsung smartphone to get a discount on the new premium flagships from the South Korean smartphone maker.

The entire process is very simple and is completely computerized. Cashify will provide the user with the best possible price quote on the smartphone – based on parameters such as warranty of the device, the display, battery etc.

What’s more, Cashify provides door to door delivery so you don’t have to worry about going anywhere. Cashify also gives you services such as protection for your smartphone’s display. Just head to Cashify’s website and get your old Samsung phone changed right now.