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Cashify Is The Official Exchange Partner For OnePlus

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OnePlus, as a brand, has worked hard to establish itself as a major flagship seller in India. This is because of the exclusive marketing of its products that offer flagship level specifications at nearly half the price of the competition.

However, things may not look too rosy in the coming months. OnePlus’ newest phone could well be in the price range of Rs 40,000 and above. This would mean that the once flagship killer company could soon be nearly in the same league as Samsung or HTC in terms of pricing. But if you are a die-hard OnePlus fan then you can continue to get the latest Oneplus devices at inexpensive rates, using Cashify.

Exchange With Cashify

Cashify happens to be OnePlus’ official exchange partner. This makes it super-easy to exchange your old smartphone for cash. Just go to Cashify’s website and select OnePlus in the Mobile Phones category. You’ll be led through a set of simple procedures wherein you will need to specify the model number of your device, specify its overall quality & condition, mention whether it’s within the warranty period and so on.

You will then get the best possible quote for your OnePlus device . What’s more – your phone will be picked up right from your doorstep for free. But that’s not all. You can even exchange your smartphone at a OnePlus offline store if that’s how you shop. In these cases as well, the exchange process is powered by Cashify.

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