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Cashify can locate your stolen smartphone

Cashify can locate your lost phone

We’ve all been there – getting home or arriving at a location, only to discover you don’t have your smartphone with you anymore. It’s either lost, or stolen. If it is lost, it is likely to get stolen within minutes. Either way – you’re not getting it back, and your precious data may be at risk to unwarranted exposure.

A surprisingly large number of people forget to activate theft protection features on their smartphones (Find my iPhone on iOS, or Android Device Manager on Android). That’s because these features need manual activation. Cashify has a solution though.

With Cashify’s latest app hitting app stores recently, they’ve bundled in multiple useful features for consumers. One standout feature is the Anti-Theft section. The feature comes bundled in with Cashify’s main usage proposition – selling used devices. The idea is to allow consumers to take advantage of this feature in tandem with helping them sell their older devices. Let’s walk you through it.

When you start off, Cashify needs some privileges on your devices in order to perform its functions. Click on ‘Activate Protection’, and you’re taken to another screen that explains what rights you’ll be granting. These include the ability to monitor screen lock, remote wipe and more.

The next screen asks some basic questions – like your email id, and some security questions. Once you’re done filling them, hit Next and you’re all set. Your device is now protected.

If you’re ever losing your phone again, simply log on to your account from another device, enter the security questions, and protect your data within seconds.

To remove your phone from your dashboard, simply log in and detach it from the Control Panel.

It’s that easy.

Oh and, while you’re using your app – why not sell a used gadget you don’t need anymore?