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Your Phone’s Data Is Our Priority: #ItsSafeToCashify


Data privacy is a bigger concern than ever in today’s times, and one that we have not been able to resolve fully. Every now and then, we hear about data breaches at some of the biggest names in the tech industry – including the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

This naturally raises the question – if big tech giants, with insurmountable layers of data security are getting hacked into, what’s to stop someone from stealing data from an individual’s mobile phone? It’s important to dispel one myth here – even after formatting your smartphone, your data on it can still be recovered.

For example, couples who have filmed their intimate moments on smartphones are at a risk here – as they believe that by erasing the photos or formatting the phone they are safe. Photos and videos are never deleted from your phone. They are simply overwritten by new content. With the right skill, any kind of data can be extracted from the smartphone.

Naturally, this can lead to blackmailing and public harassment by a perpetrator. This has been demonstrated quite aptly in numerous cases of blackmail and subsequent release of tapes. Recording of such acts on your phone is unsafe and can lead to a lot of problems as the world is a very unforgiving place filled with predators.

The Cashify Commitment

Manforce is, of course, the renowned brand behind the #ShutThePhoneUp campaign against the recording of private moments between couples on smartphones. You can read more about this successful campaign here.

At Cashify, we believe there is nothing more critical than protecting the privacy of our customers. We’ve always prioritized our user’s privacy over all else, and Cashify executives are trained professionals fully capable of handle your user data with the utmost care. Which is why we decided to support Manforce in its cause for user privacy.

When selling to Cashify, you can be assured of two things:

  • You will be getting the best price for your smartphone in the market, and
  • Any and all personal data, whether formatted or otherwise, is in safe hands.

All smartphones sold on Cashify are refurbished and the data on it is completely eliminated, ensuring it does not fall in any hands, let along the wrong ones. We handle all your smartphones with extreme care, give you the best bang for your buck and the beauty of all this is you never have to step out of your home during it all. To sum it up – #ItsSafeToCashify your phone.

Cashify generates prices using computational algorithms, using details about your used phone’s condition, age, model number, warranty period etc. India’s biggest re-commerce portal for a number of years now, Cashify has even partnered with some of India’s biggest smartphone brands such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple and more. Determine the best price for your smartphone on the Cashify website here.


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