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Cashify Mobile Insurance – Secure your phone from all damages


Cashify has long pioneered the concept of exchanging your phone for cash in hand. We take you through a systematic and step-by-step procedure, which ensures the best possible price that can be given on the exchange of your old smartphone.

Cashify Premium

Innovating further to help you get the most from your device, we have now launched Cashify Protection. Protection is an insurance service that will protect your device against any accidental or water damage.

The protection plan has to be subscribed within 30 days of purchase of the device. Cashify offers 100 percent cashless protection, along with Home pickup and delivery for your device. The registration process is quite simple, and the ‘claim’ process is also designed in a way to avoid any headache on the part of the consumer.

Premium Protection & Extended Warranty

Other Bonuses

There is of course, complete transparency on your phone during the repair process. The paperwork is underwritten by a legitimate insurance company. There is also more than 90% claim settlement within TAT, for legitimate cases.

Cashify also offers 30 percent cashback as a no-claim bonus. The premium policy is transferable if the conditions are met and satisfied. However, there are certain guidelines, terms, and conditions which need to be followed for Cashify Premium protection.

It’s a brilliant way to get the most out of your device, and extend its life. Why empty your pockets on expensive repairs? Insure today with Cashify and stay relaxed.