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Cashify and Xiaomi Exchange Program


Xiaomi is well known for putting out some of the most quality smartphones – which are arguably well worth the money you spend on them. No surprises then, that India’s biggest re-commerce website Cashify is actually the official exchange partner for Xiaomi. But there’s more good news in store for you.

The Mi Exchange with Special Cashify Offer

Cashify and Xiaomi are organizing a new program called the ‘Mi Exchange with Special Cashify Offer’. Slated to run from 3rd October to the 9th, the exchange program will allow users to receive an additional Rs. 200 value on all their Xiaomi smartphone exchanges. Imagine that! An extra Rs 200 on what will already be the best price in the market for your Xiaomi smartphone.

How You Can Participate

A special coupon will be generated for the user after they evaluate their used device for exchange during the program’s duration. This coupon will be generated with the additional Rs 200 and will be applicable on all exchanges for the next 14 days. In other words, the offer coupon can be applied to all the devices applicable for exchange on Mi.com. The discount equivalent to the coupon value will be provided on purchase.

Of course, the fine print: if the order is canceled or is left undelivered, then the offer amount cannot be claimed by the customer.

With the offer expiring on midnight, 9th October, you may want to hurry up and get started right away. Remember to check out the Cashify website for the best prices on all your smartphones!


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