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Cashify’s All-In-One App Is Here


There’s more to selling your old or used gadgets than just posting them online for sale. All sorts of supporting tasks – such as migrating your data to a new device, clearing up storage on the older device for better performance and speed, backing up stuff to the cloud for the eventual restoration later – all of these are what an end-to-end selling solution would comprise of. Cashify seems to know that all too well. Its all-in-one app, available for both Android & iOS delivers it all, and more.

Aside from the obvious selling functionality it offers for your devices, built in features such as Cloud Backup, Speed Booster, Anti-theft lock, and Data Transfer are all available to the users for a more complete experience. We’ve covered some of them extensively in the past.

The Basics – Selling Your Gadgets

Jumping right to the centre of Cashify’s focus – selling your gadgets, the marketplace is where you pick what you want to sell today. There are 7 categories to choose from – Mobile phones, Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, TVs, Gaming Consoles, and even iMacs.

A few taps on your choices, along with some basic data inputs on the condition of your device, and you’ll find yourself staring at a lucrative price you can get for your used device. Couple of more taps, and your device is all set to be picked up right from your doorstep!

Data Transfer

Say you’ve just upgraded your smartphone, and you’re going to put up the old one for sale on Cashify. Instead of having to pull out those USB cables to move your data, having Cashify installed on both these devices should take care of all your migration needs. Tag one device as a receiver and the other as a sender, and move your stuff with a single tap. For detailed instructions, check out this guide.


The Booster is actually multiple functions rolled into one. It’s got a Speed booster, a Storage Booster, an Anti-Virus and even a Battery booster.

The Storage booster, quite obviously, helps you get rid of junk files and trash to increase storage on your device. The Speed booster can kill idle apps to give you a performance jump, while the Battery booster analyses apps and processes to help you get some extra juice on your device. The built-in Anti Virus, once activated, scans your device for infections and keeps malicious apps out.

It’s 4 different apps, all rolled on to a single feature within the Cashify app.


We’ve covered the anti-theft feature in the past, and it does exactly what it sounds like. Once given access to your device, it can:

  • Track your device’s location
  • Sound an alarm remotely
  • Wipe data from your device
  • Lock it down and deny access to anyone using the device

All this is executed remotely via the internet.

Cloud Backup

Sure, you’ve got other services – Google Drive, iCloud et al – that probably cover your cloud storage needs. The Cashify Cloud Backup feature has got you covered for Contacts, Messages, Calendar and even your Call Logs. Unlike the mainstream cloud storage services that require a phone-wide Google Account or Apple account sign in (which also enables a ton of other services you may not need), Cashify is akin to a sandbox that delivers these essentials without having you deal with unintended consequences.

Log on to the newer device, restore your data individually or in batches, and your device is back to the state it was. No dastardly Google logins that activate your emails, chat and all sorts of other things.

And of course, it’s free.


Download the Cashify app for Android from the Play Store here, or if you’re running iOS, download it from the App Store here.

What will you sell today?