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Celebrities Launching their own smartphone brands


The smartphone industry is everywhere. From the most elite to the commoners in the society, everyone wants, or perhaps, needsthe best phone in their own preferred price range. The soaring demand for the latest technologies has led to the emergence of multiple small and big smartphone brands.

Why are the celebrities investing in the smartphone industry?

Technologies like 4G LTE, advanced sensors, imaging technologies and cutting edge hardware have piqued the interest of many enthusiasts and celebrities. This is thus the new trend: celebrities launching their own smartphone brands. Many celebrities in different fields are tech-savvy and have a strong interest in gadgets, technologies and the design concepts. Shahrukh Khan for instance, is known for his wide collection of gadgets and video games.

The immense scope of the growth of the industry has encourages many celebrities to invest in the industry. There are several popular household names that intend to launch their own smartphone brands. Many else have been approached by existing manufacturers to collaborate with them and launch a brand of smartphones.

Reports say that India is the second largest market of smartphones after China. It goes without saying that Indian manufacturers are even trying to improve their performance. However, the main agenda of most smartphone manufacturers in India is to release affordable budget-phones. Many other factors like multi-linguistic support and feasibility of usage will help smartphones penetrate deeper into the market.

Celebrities from the entertainment industry are launching their own smartphone brands

Shilpa Shetty and her husband, Raj Kundra launched their own line of smartphones in November, 2015. They named the brand after their son, Viaan. Priced between INR 849 and INR 12,999, these phones come with personalized features, called V-assist for bilingual concierge services for travel, shopping, utilities, entertainment and gifting. The market of Viaan Mobiles extends beyond the Indian boundaries to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In an interview during the launch, Raj mentioned that the large smartphone-consumer market in India was a significant reason of them foraying into the industry.

Most business leaders and celebrities in India are associated with a huge fan base. This makes marketing a product easier for them. Salman Khan, the leading Bollywood actor is also expected to launch his own brand of smartphones, called ‘BeingSmart’. The 51-year old actor also owns a clothing brand called, Being Human. However, this is not his first involvement with technology. He had released a videogame called ‘Being SalMan’ in 2016. In December, he had also launched an app called ‘BeingInTouch’ for Android and Apple phones.

The report was made in March, 2017 and claimed that Salman Khan had selected a Chinese plant to set the production line rolling. The Android-backed phones will be priced under INR 20,000. Moreover, the proceeds from the profit made by the brand will go back into his charity, ‘Being Human’. The actor is looking for investors for his brand. The smartphones are set to release during the festive season this year.

Celebs from other fields are also venturing out into the industry


Celebrities from the entertainment industry are not the only ones to launch their own smartphone brands. The Indian technology and IoT-based firm, Smartron will reportedly launch an exclusive phone with Sachin Tendulkar under a project called ‘Rimo SRT’. This exclusive smartphone will feature a rear fingerprint sensor and the cricketer’s signature. Expected to launch in April, the phone is touted to be the first-ever signature series of the legendary cricket player for a smartphone. The news of the launch was spread when Tendulkar was spotted shooting in a studio for Smartron.

Creating an impact in the current market can be daunting

While the celebrities are designing, launching and marketing their own smartphone brands, the competition in the industry is increasing rapidly. This makes the sustainability and the growth of an industry-player extremely difficult. It becomes necessary to keep up with the recent developments, innovate and make the products economically feasible. Despite the popularity of these celebrities, the consumers will always prefer the market leaders while investing in smartphones. The trend, however can be altered by these upcoming brands if they innovate and market their products judiciously.


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