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CES 2019 Recap: Days 0 and 1


CES unofficially began for the public on its third day – January 8 (the first two are reserved for media announcements), and all of us were beyond impatient to finally check out all the tech in store. We’d seen TV announcements from Samsung and LG, new laptops from Asus, and even a cheeky ad from Apple (which isn’t at CES). Here’s a quick roundup of the first two media days at CES 2019 for all the tech you might’ve missed.

LG’s Foldable OLED TV

Probably the biggest announcement of the day (except perhaps Samsung’s micro LED TV – more on that below), LG announced (and showed off), its foldable OLED TV that simply… disappears into a box when you don’t want it around. The rollable TV goes on sale this year, but of course, you’ll need to shell out some serious $$$.

Source: The Verge

Samsung’s MicroLED TV

Samsung launched a mammoth 114 inch microLED TV at CES last year, and to be honest most didn’t expect the company to be able to scale down the technology this quickly. But this time at CES 2019, we were given the 75 inch version, and it is fascinating. Able to deliver OLED-like quality without the shortcomings (like burn-ins), microLEDs will also allow us to design our own sizes of TVs and literally carry them anywhere.

Bixby Gets Updates

Samsung isn’t giving on up on Bixby – it’s virtual assistant competing with Google’s, Siri and others. The company announced Bixby is adding new partners and integrations, including some of Google’s most popular apps like Maps, GMail, YouTube and more.

Aircharge Shows Off New Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging brand Aircharge showed off a new set of wireless charging devices – including one that can charge your PS4 Dualshock controller.


Asus ROG Mothership Is One Hell Of A Laptop

Credit: Laptop Mag

Gaming laptops are in for a revolutionary change with the Asus ROG Mothership. Featuring a detachable monitor and a separate keyboard, the ROG Mothership is both a laptop and a desktop, in one device. With a brilliant screen and specs worthy of a serious gaming machine, the ROG Mothership does its core job well. Rest the screen on its kickstand, pull up the keyboard and you have a desktop on your hands.

And Much More

Apple’s cheeky ad hogged the headlines for a bit, while Samsung has promised many AI-based innovations for the public at CES 2019 this week. A lot more is lined up, stay tuned!


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