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CES Day 4 Recap: Xiaomi and More


On the second last day of the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, there were not a lot of announcements made. But the ones that were, related largely to the smart-home products and AI implementation in them. Here are some of the highlights from Day 4.


Source: NDTV

Xiaomi was not very active at CES but it did have something to show us at the near end via Yi technology in which Xiaomi is heavily invested. The product is called the Yi Home Camera 3 and as the name suggests it is a smart security camera. The device has been priced at $40 and is now available for purchase in the US.

The camera can record audio in 1080p Full HD resolution and can be paired with your smartphone via an app to let you control the camera on the go. Additionally, buyers will also get 6-months of free cloud storage as well. The camera comes with an integrated advanced sound detection algorithm to detect the slightest of sounds.

Entertainment Products

Source: Digital Trends

Audio products maker Beyerdynamic also showcased a lot of new products at CES which included Active noise cancellation headphones, compact headphones, gaming headphones and more.

The new gaming centric headphones called the TYGR 300 R was launched alongside the professional USB microphone dubbed FOX.

Source: mimi

The company also showed some new technologies such as MOSAYC sound personalisation technology by Mimi Defined. It can personalise your audio quality by assessing the users hearing and giving suitable audio output.


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