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We live in a time when Digitization is at a peak. Most of our daily chores, may they be reading news, watching movies, gaming, almost everything to be honest, are all done on PCs, smartphones or other electronic gadgets online. These also include shopping.


More and more people today prefer shopping online due to e-shoppings’ ease of use and more importantly cheaper rates than physical stores.


Online shopping firms like Flipkart, Junglee, Amazon etc. are famed for being extremely cheap retailers. What may cost you a hefty rate at stores near you may be available on these for almost half that price! (sometimes even less) Also, online stores relieve you from the task of walking through the corridors of a shop to choose what you need to buy, and get that item cheap.


Online shops also have another important perk that no other physical store can offer; they allow you to quickly compare the prices of the same product sold through different retailers. This feature allows people to choose the cheapest retailers among all the available ones without compromising quality.

Online Shopping Offer Flat Discounts
Online Shopping Offer Flat Discounts


Talking about features exclusive to online stores, one extremely useful currently, especially for electronics, is that you can compare different products with all of their specifications laid down in front of you, along with the prices too. So imagine you decide to buy a new phone but want the cheapest one with the best specs possible, you simply go to any of the shopping sites, hit the cheapest phones up, and automatically receive comparisons and what not, this is one feature we personally prefer while shopping as you never know which manufacturer just announced a new budget ruler, as it is an ever going competition for the budget phones category out there.


The number of people shopping online is steadily but exponentially increasing, due to all the advantages and security online shopping has to offer in comparison to physical shopping. Heck, online stores even deliver your products at your doorstep! We may not be too far from the time online shopping completely takes over and physical stores no longer make sense.


Let’s take a look at some websites that exclusively operate for consumers to compare prices of products online.


Junglee For Online Shopping
Junglee For Online Shopping


Junglee.com is one of the largest price comparison websites in India. Owned by Amazon, the website offers different features to help people choose the cheapest seller of a product.


PriceDekho Offers Awesome Price Comparison
PriceDekho Offers Awesome Price Comparison


PriceDekho is also a well-known website in India that allows users to compare prices of electronics, among others. Pricedekho.com includes all the famed sellers of India which ensure a safe and trusted buy.


Mypriceindia is another price comparison website from India. Features at offer are similar to PriceDekho.


ShopMania Also Offers Great Online Shopping
ShopMania Also Offers Great Online Shopping


ShopMania is another nice website that allows users to compare a big range of products online. Though it is new and supports only few retailers, the site is growing daily. Some more websites for comparing online prices worth mentioning are MySmartprice, Where-to-buy, iShopper, Pricemantra and Shoppingwish.


There are thousands of websites out there that allow users to plot comparisons between products. What we saw right now was just a glimpse into the sea. But the implication is that online shopping is becoming a lot more user-friendly and convenient and thus, it might have a large impact on the physical shopping stores if it keeps going at this pace.


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