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Cheating on your smartphone? #MoveOnKaro With Cashify


Phone relationships, like any other relationship, can be complicated. Cheating on your beloved device can be a challenging and heartbreaking task. But you make the decision because your current smartphone isn’t fulfilling enough. For the very attached ones amongst us, we have to deal with a lot of inner conflict during the process. We saw it the last time when Badri broke up with Sayoni. Kudos to him for making the right decision by putting Sayoni in better hands though.


Today, your smartphone is your lifeline. You’re not going to step out anywhere outside without seeing people (and yourself) burying their noses into their phones. However, even though phone manufacturers try and make phone durable enough, it is inevitable that your device will fall, get spoilt or broken with this sort of heavy usage. And if not, it’s eventually just time for an upgrade in a few years. In this scenario, you may have no choice but to order a new phone. But, specifically for the phone loyalists reading this – does this act constitute as cheating on your original phone?

Buying a new phone can be a hassle, especially for the picky ones among us. But if it means that you get a better phone that does not lag, can multi-task easily and has the ability to click beautiful portrait photos, then isn’t the upgrade worth it? Your old phone, which has now broken down or constantly been giving you problems, will have to be replaced for the better. It’s a toxic relationship that honestly should end quickly.

But how do you get rid of your old smartphone? Putting out an ad on a website or listicles, in itself is a hassle. You might not get the best price for your phone, and buyers will constantly try and harass you over the phone. So how do you #MoveOnKaro from your old device?

Cashify has got covered. With Cashify’s doorstep resale service for smartphones, it’s honestly quite easy – tempting, even – to #MoveOnKaro, and sell your used smartphone for the best price online:

  • Head over to Cashify’s website, and select the model/variant of your phone. Cashify calculates the best value for your used device using its algorithms.
  • Details such as your phone’s condition, age, accessories, warranty period, and more need to be filled prior to the price tag.
  • Cashify will then get a fair quote for your phone which is the best in the industry. It will also arrange for a doorstep pickup so that you can sell your device right from your home.
  • A Cashify representative will arrive and complete the sale of your phone after inspecting it and providing you with the value for your phone right at your doorstep. Pick any payment method of your choice – bank transfers, e-wallets, or even cash.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about any unauthorized use of your data. Cashify will securely extract your data and give it to you. It’s the most fitting end to a phone relationship and certainly the best way to avoid that feeling of unfaithfulness that can creep in. Do what’s best, and #SellYourPhoneIn60Seconds.


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