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Common myths about Laptop battery, Facebook, Macbooks & Megapixel


Myth1: Recharging your battery after fully draining it helps condition it

It is believed that rechargeable batteries have “memories” — they only recharge up to the level of an earlier state. If the battery is recharged before fully discharging, it won’t recharge to 100 percent. Over a period of time, a rechargeable battery will lose its strength if not “conditioned” — totally discharged then totally recharged. All of this used to be true for the old nickel- cadmium and nickel-metal hydride rechargeable cells. However, this is not true for the current lithium-ion or lithium-ion polymer cells. Apple websites states that “you can recharge a lithium-ion polymer battery whenever convenient, without requiring a full charge or discharge cycle. But the fact is it helps in conserving energy, so do it anyways.

Myth 2: Posting a Disclaimer on Facebook Protects Your Copyright

To use Facebook, you have to agree to its Terms of Service, which states that “you own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can protect- how it is shared.” But this is followed by Facebook’s retention of “a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post.”

Thus as long as your profile is public, anyone and everyone has the right to use whatever they want.”

Myth3: Apple MacBook’s are Immune from Viruses

It is widely believed that as Mac operating systems are built on a secure and protected foundation, but the fact is because Macbook comprise such a relatively small percentage of PCs in the world, they are not only immune to viruses, but hackers don’t even bother with them. According to anti-virus software-maker Sophos, based on a study of 100,000 of its users, one in every five Macbook carry some sort of malware or spyware — these Macs aren’t infected, but they carry malware in much of the same way humans carry viruses such as chicken pox. Apple also has had continuing problems dealing with a security hole in Mac OS X opened by Java, exposed by last year’s attack by the Flashback Trojan infestation.

Myth4: A Camera With More Megapixels is Better

Megapixels have absolutely nothing do with digital photo quality, only the digital photo size. The quality of a digital photo is determined by a camera’s sensor and size, processor and the optics. The only impact the number of megapixels makes is in the quality of a zoomed-in image snapped by a smartphone.



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