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Cool Things Unveiled By Samsung C-Lab At CES 2018

Source: XDA-Developers

South Korean electronics giant Samsung’s C-Lab (short for creative lab) showcased some interesting devices at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year in Las Vegas. All of these devices are primarily targetted on solving accessibility issues. The C-Lab is an in-house department under the roof of Samsung, where employees can make use of Samsung’s abundance of resources to build many new devices and also fund spin-off startups.


The first of them is a device being called Relumino. It is actually aimed at helping improve image perception for blind people. C-Lab has also given out an app of the same name, which was launched at the MWC last year. Relumino provides the user with an additional support of ‘smart glasses’, which in other words is just a Samsung’s Gear VR as seen in the demo of the system.


The second C-Lab project is one which is dedicated to users who are suffering from lung damage. It’s been appropriately called GoBreath. This is essentially a portable device connected to a mobile app which teaches users breathing exercises. It also tracks overall progress over time and suggests valuable information in this regard to the user’s doctor.


S-Ray was another setup unveiled at the CES. It shrinks down the technology found in larger directional speakers into a more conventional and portable size. This provides a massively focused listening experience on to the user as the sound is beamed directly in their direction. This is done without causing disturbance to the others in the vicinity. Basically, it’s an earphone-like experience without the earphones.

Which one of these is your favourite?