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Corporate Trends 2016: Boon or Bane?


Employees are the heart of any corporate organization. Certain trends have been predicted from an employee’s perspectives that will be ruling in 2016. Give it a read and see if you have any of the below trends taking off in your corporate sphere.


Personal Time Off


These are a bank of hours provided by an employer, which is effectively a pool of all vacation and leave hours for an employee, who can use as per their need. This step has been adopted by companies like Netflix, which helps in creation of a bond of trust between the employees and the company.


Breathtaking Office Space


The environment of workplace, designed in a way to cultivate the best of minds without creating stress, increased the productivity exponentially. It is evident that employees tend to be more productive in an environment which limits stress.




Pet-Friendly Office


Pets hold the key to reduce stress and create a homely feel wherever they are present. As evident from Zynga, an American Gaming company, bringing pets to office has actually boosted productivity of employees.


Investments in Health Initiatives


Investment in healthy snacks for employees is one of the moves that are welcomed by employers in most of the corporate firms. The most famous example in reference to keeping up with employee’s well being is probably Google.


Better Workplace Flexibility


Many employees complain about lack of flexibility at work. Moreover, majority of corporate employees have revealed that their employer digs in their personal time too, making them feel burned out. This is a primary area of concern as employees burn up all their energies in the work hours.




It is a slang that is used in reference to a scenario in which a company uses its own employees to promote the product. It is a win-win situation for both the employee and employer. This model allows the employees to realize the company values them, while the employer can receive valuable feedbacks and work out glitches.




Game Rooms


Companies like Zynga have focused on providing maximum creature comfort as possible at workplace, by installing exclusive game rooms for employees to take a time out. This move helps to reduce the accumulated pressure levels, and a chance to relax their muscles.


Employee Benefits


This includes benefits like maternity leaves, medical leaves, flexible timings, work-from-home options and paternal leaves as well.


Initiation of Friendly Competitions


This is a technical move masterminded by many leading corporate companies, which is aimed at increasing output. From the employees’ perspective, this creates a friendly atmosphere in which free exchange of ideas occur.


Some of these trends have already picked up pace while the others are still getting ready to take off. As we witness more of such trends, let’s hope that the employers make the most such benefits as much as the employees will for sure.


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