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Are Curved LED TVs A Gimmick?


Entertainment is the world’s biggest industry. Every appliance or gadget we use is always either directly or indirectly related to killing our boredom. In this pursuit, the television is one of the oldest and most widely used electronic gadgets designed purely for the stated purpose. From CRTs to the latest 3D LED TVs, these screens have come a long way to ensure that we are entertained to the fullest extent.

Curved LED TVs are a recent innovation in this field. Slightly curved in the horizontal axis, these TVs were made to incorporate large displays. They have a few advantages over conventional TVs due to the curvy nature, but come with some consequences.

Here are the pros and cons of curved LED TVs.


Samsung's take on the Curved LED
Samsung’s take on the Curved LED

Improved immersion- Due to the curve, immersion and depth are emphasized.

Better contrasts- This is purely scientific and logical. Due to the curve, light from the TV is focused directly on to the viewer, similar to the LNB of a satellite dish. The result is a much better contrast magnitude than normal flat screen TVs can provide.

Better viewing angles- Most obvious, the curve helps in increasing the viewing angles by a great extent.


Curved LED TV placed on surfaces rather than fit on a wall
Curved LED TV placed on surfaces rather than fit on a wall

You need to sit at the EXACT sweet spot to enjoy the perks of the curve i.e. at the center of the curve or owning such an expensive TV will become absolutely pointless.

They are bad at being planted onto walls- a normal LED TV would look marvelous when planted on the wall but the same cannot be said for the curved ones. It would look downright awkward to have a curvy display on a wall.

They cost you mercilessly- they are extremely expensive due to the difficulties in manufacturing them. This sole reason is why most people never consider buying curved TVs.

Curved LEDs vs Conventional LEDs

Here is a side by side comparison of TVs of the curved gene and normal flat TVs:

Flat TVs Curved TVs
Viewing angles Not too high, but good enough. Good, but not quite up to the mark when the angle is more than 35o and near the TVs’ edge.
Size Can range from anything between 20 inches to infinity. Should be at least 55 inches for the effects to take place completely.
Cost Relatively cheaper. Very expensive.
Contrast Good. Very good, but only when seated in the appropriate sweet spot.
Immersion and depth Satisfactory. Very good, but only when seated in the appropriate sweet spot.

Owing to all the factors discussed above, the Curved LED screens could actually be useful for people who want very large, very high definition displays and for those who enjoy high contrast Images and can lighten their pockets as much as the TVs demand. We wouldn’t say that the curved TVs are gimmicks, but as a conclusion, we can state that they have got their perks as well as downfalls. So, it totally depends on  what you want and what you need.

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