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Curved Smartphones: Innovation or Gimmick?


It’s been almost 2 years since the first smartphone with a bent screen, i.e., Samsung Galaxy Round was launched as an exclusive phone of South Korea. Since then, seven smartphones in total from tech giants LG and Samsung have featured bent screens. To be completely precise, the Galaxy Nexus also had a slight curvature and later on, few other phones too rolled out similar designs.


Take a sneak peak at all the phones that defined bent screen and the new features that a curved mobile would offer.


Samsung Galaxy Round – The phone featured a 5.7 inch 1080p display which was curved horizontally giving the phone an unusual shape. The list of new features offered by the curved screen itself was next to null, although the curved nature of the phone allowed Samsung to push some features in using the gyroscope of the phone.


LG G Flex – Right after Samsung launched the Galaxy Round, LG launched the G Flex. This phone featured a vertically bent display which helped the phone have a more ergonomic shape when held to the ear. The phone itself was a little flexible and could be bent by applying a little pressure.


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – This was the phone that caught everybody’s attention. It featured a slight bend of the screen on its right side only. This was an innovative way in which curved screens could be used sideways. The curved part of the display was used to get notifications and bulletin news when the phone was kept idle. This was not only possible when the phone was idle but also when the phone was kept face down.


LG G Flex 2 – The successor of the original G Flex, LG gave the G Flex 2 the same bend-ability the original had to offer with slight bumps in the specs.




Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Launched alongside the flagship of Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge held up the edge banner and featured the same curved end of the screen, but on both sides. The phone looked marvellous with the dual side bend and Samsung had put many features on the platter based on the bent screen.


LG G4 – LG finally decided to give their flagship series a taste of the curved screens and along came the G4. This model too was given the bent screen treatment but the bend on this phone became less noticeable than the previous LG Flex phones.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus – Finally, we have the S6 Edge plus. Launched alongside the Note 5, this smartphone featured the trademark Samsung Curves.




So Why Don’t All Phones Have Curved Screens Yet? – Cost Matters! Curved screens would have become mainstream if it weren’t for the high production cost. The technology is still developing and hopefully, we may see curved screens in all smartphones.


How Are The Current ‘Curvers’ Faring? – Most of these phones met with both critical and commercial success. The Galaxy S6 Edge sold over 100,000 phones within 3 days of its launch, and was a huge commercial success. Some phones like the initial Galaxy Round didn’t meet the same fate though, as the curve was not really useful at that point of time. Also, Galaxy Round was nothing but a demonstration that curved phones can be manufactured.



Are Curved Screens Just A Gimmick Then? – In the current scenario, curved smartphones may seem a bit gimmicky due to the high costs of the smartphones and various other factors. But if the costs go down and manufacturers find new innovative ways to use the curved displays (let’s say completely flexible phones), we might end up developing the smartphones of the future. Keeping in mind that even though the previous gen iPhone was not meant to be a bendable smartphone, it covered many headlines because of its bending capabilities.


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