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How Cycling Is Similar To Running A Startup?


As much as people like to get associated with sports irrespective of the reasons, cycling is one sport which never got so much attention in India. Lesser said than being done in India, it is one of the most endurance based sports across the world. Having mentioned endurance, it indeed teaches a lot of lessons which are common when compared to running a startup!


Keep Pedalling

The first and foremost requirement to be successful in long distance cycling is that one needs to keep pedalling. As challenging as it sounds, it is the same thing one needs to do when it comes to building a startup or if you’re already running one. Since pedalling round the clock everyday is not everyone’s cup of tea, most of the dreams are shattered especially on weekends.

This is similar to situation wherein you start cycling thinking about an exciting view and all you get to see are those boring and never-ending roads. These problems arise when people view startup culture through rose-tinted glasses and all they see is unlimited refreshment, free beers and if you’re lucky enough, then even a ping-pong table (we’re lucky that way). Unfortunately, people forget that to experience all the highs, you need to break through the boring jazz.


Once Is Okay, Twice Is Trouble

Whether it is a startup or a well established firm, mistakes do happen but repeating them can bring a lifetime of bad luck. Just kidding! Considering the fact that startup culture has picked up a lot of pace, the reason behind it is pace itself. While slow & steady wins the race remains a forgotten concept, people have completely forgotten that moving forward faster (even while cycling) may cause accidents.

There is very little that one can do in such a scenario but not repeating the mistakes is the least that everyone in startups must pay attention to. Accidents don’t come for free and as far as startups are concerned, it may cost a fortune for repeating a same mistake more than twice. So make sure the tube of your cycle is not inflated too much and put a brake wherever necessary to make a steady progress.

Sand passing through the bulbs of an hourglass
Sand passing through the bulbs of an hourglass

Parable of Patience

It is not good for anyone’s health to think that they can become FLASH overnight. While cycling, it is not like you can reach New Delhi to Nice in a single ride. Likewise, patience, that is the mother of all virtues and godmother of all madness, is indeed an essential in the development and progress of every startup.

This is the advice that many entrepreneurs get when their funding seems to travel on a tortoise. Most of the startups have to do crash landing when they are in a hurry to make money. It takes a lot of commitment and endurance to achieve of what you’ve dreamt all your life. And of course, patience!


Golden Random Connections

It is very rare that a stranger on the road might offer you food or water when you take a stop cycling and take a break. While taking a break is a huge trend in startups, that is not the point here. Despite all this, if a stranger offers help, be open to initiate a conversation or at least welcome their initiative. Such random acts of humanity have always proven to be beneficial.

Similarly, the concept of being open and welcoming can be applied to startups as well. It is not good to get caught in your own cocoon and avoid the golden connections that arise from random meetings irrespective of the place. Be it outside your office or at an event, a seminar or anywhere, it is totally uncertain where one might meet their angel investor or an advisor for that matter. Nodding your head is it?


Final Thoughts

Though people might call it very controversial, it is indeed a fact that running a startup is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of them fail as they don’t put in their best of efforts and enter into a business on the basis of pure luck.

Since there is not much that one can do about pure luck, all the future entrepreneurs must understand that the road that lies ahead is much harder than what meets the eye. Sooner you understand, the better you’ll be able to pedal!

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