Home New Launches Dell announces the launch of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headset

Dell announces the launch of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headset

Dell announces the launch of Microsoft's Mixed Reality headset

Dell recently unveiled its Windows Mixed Reality Visor headset or Dell Visor as it calls it, at a price of $349.99. The headset was first announced back in May this year. It incorporates inside-out tracking cameras which offer a 360 degree panoramic view. This enables the headset to scan its surroundings and deliver a reality which is halfway between AR and VR according, says The Verge.

In the Package

On the design front – the headset comes with a flip-up visor which can be used for convenient transitions. It also combined a cushioned head and face padding and a thumb wheel to adjust the comfort level on the headset.

A companion controller controller is also available, which can be purchased separately for an additional $100. The controller provides “six degrees of freedom of movement in a three-dimensional space and allow total control with haptic feedback”, with the tracking of the controller fully done by the headset, according to Microsoft’s blog.

Mixed Reality or Hybrid Reality involves combining virtual and real worlds via a device. This produces new visuals allowing digitized and physical objects to interact in real time. It uses immersive technology to create an environment that is mix of Augmented reality and virtual reality.

At Microsoft’s educational event, View Mixed Reality was used to showcase the Mars Curiosity Rover, next to one of the speakers to see how big it looks in real life.


The first fully immersive mixed reality system was the Virtual Fixtures platform developed at US Air Force, Armstrong Labs in 1992 to enable human users to control robots in real-world environments that included real physical objects and 3D virtual overlays called “fixtures” that were added enhance human performance of manipulation tasks