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Is the Desktop Dead?

is desktop dead

This is 2015, a time when the technological world is ruled by the so called ‘Smart gadgets’. Laptops, smartphones, smart watches, smart goggles, tablet PCs and all of the other ‘Smart’ stuff dominate the e-world. Desktop computers, on the other hand, are now considered, by most, as a thing of the past. The old bulky machines consisting of many parts are now being replaced by compact laptops of various kinds like Ultrabooks, Netbooks et cetera. Most of the households now have laptops and smartphones instead of the old desktops. A thing of the past, they call it.


Well, while this statement is made, one must always remember that laptops are generally more expensive than desktops and in places where you need more computers in a low budget, like offices, you can be better off having desktops. Most of the offices around the planet have desktop PCs instead of laptops.


One must also remember that games heavy on graphics can only be played on computers having powerful graphics cards in them and most laptops don’t have them. A graphics card can be easily installed on a desktop, on the contrary.

Also, desktops contain many different parts which can be repaired and replace individually as and when required, unlike the latest unibody devices which need expensive and sometimes very difficult maintenance.

Laptops and other modern computing systems are amazing, no doubt about it, but the good old desktop computer still has enough applications to stay on the market.


The laptop and smartphone industry is, obviously not developed enough to completely kill the desktop. The desktop still has innumerous applications in this ever expanding tech world. Nevertheless, if the desktop has been rendered obsolete to your needs, perhaps it is time to move on. It is time to get yourself a new (or refurbished) laptop. In which case, it’s probably a great idea to get rid of your desktop in the most dignified way possible.


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