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Do You Really Need A Flagship Phone Anymore?


No one thought this would happen, but we are living in a day and age when smartphones are fast becoming extremely pricey. The evolution of tech would tell you that as tech see more adoption, prices drop for everyone. This has held true – the budget smartphones of today are more capable devices than ever before, instead of the excuse of a smartphone we used to deal with. But a whole new category – that of the ultra premium flagship, have arisen.

Have a look at the latest iPhones for example. At the starting price of Rs 1,09,000, the iPhone XS Max can be considered the priciest consumer electronic smartphone on the planet right now. The price of the phone actually extends to over Rs 1,44,000 when you go for the top-end variant of the device.

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So is there any need to spend so much money on smartphones? The same objectives of the iPhone XS can in part be accomplished by the Pixel 3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 9. But these again are smartphones which cost above Rs 60,000. The real question is does anybody even need flagship smartphones?

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Beating The Flagships

Companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi are thriving on the answer to these questions. The OnePlus 6 is a device that happens to be nearly Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 less than the Note 9 or even the smaller Pixel 3 smartphone. Now granted the One Plus 6 doesn’t have the curved AMOLED screen of the Note 9 or the superlative camera hardware present on the Pixel 3. But the phone in itself is not bad at all. As a matter of fact, we can say that in terms of cost to benefit analysis, the OnePlus 6 happens to be the greatest value for money smartphone amongst the three of them.

If you need to go down even further down the budget you will find that the Xiaomi Poco F1 smartphone is perhaps the best value for money smartphone that you can buy right now. Again the Poco F1 does not have the sleek looks and the glass finish of the OnePlus 6, but in the specs department, both the devices happen to be extremely identical. There is also an inclusion of a massive copper heat pipe in the smartphone which is absent on the OnePlus 6.

What does the future hold?

So what does this mean? Obviously, flagship smartphones will mean the best performance and features that the smartphone maker can currently offer. Going down the price bracket you will find many capable smartphones present that can more than fulfill all your daily needs from performance to camera taking capabilities. It all depends on the kind of usage you look for in a smartphone. A flagship phone will always beat the other devices, but in today’s day and age the choices for non-flagship devices are so many and so amazing, you really don’t need to wonder to yourself on if a flagship phone is needed or not.

Go for the Poco F1, as it has proven to be the best budget flagship device in the country right now. Xiaomi phones in the budget range and mid-range are also very good options to consider.

Whichever phone you purchase – whether it’s a flagship or a very capable budget phone, it helps to bring the expense down a bit, by selling your used smartphone on Cashify.


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