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Don’t Let Your Smartphone Get In Work’s Way

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Smartphones tend to go out of fashion quite quickly, nowadays. They become so slow and you get almost irritated when you need to run the apps of your everyday use. You often see the Force Close warning message.

A simple example of this is that after smartphone cameras tend to lose their focusing abilities, rendering photos clicked from the device blurry or out of focus. Your smartphone may cost nearly a lakh, but if the camera can’t focus properly, then it is no better than a Rs 5,000 phone.

Another example – perhaps the speaker of your device stops working, which means that you will almost always miss calls that are important to you. Antenna bands of the device can get damaged over time, making it harder for your phone to stay connected to a network.

So what does one do in times like these? Sell your old phone at a brick and mortar store or go online to advertising/classified websites? The answer is neither. It’s Cashify that simplifies selling old gadgets online.

Cashify Your Smartphone

Cashify gives you the best price for your second-hand smartphone. Head over to Cashify’s website, select the model/variant of your phone, and follow the steps below:

  • Fill in details about your phone’s condition, age, accessories, and warranty period, etc. and Cashify will generate a fair quote for your phone.
  • It will also arrange free doorstep pickup, so you can sell your device right from your home.
  • Cashify’s agent will visit your place and complete the sale of your phone after inspecting it and providing you with the best resale value for your phone right away in any payment method of your choice – bank transfers, e-wallets, or even cash.

Log on to Cashify’s website and get cold hard cash for your smartphone now!


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