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eBay As A Marketplace For Smartphones


Every little kid in town will have heard of eBay. But what’s there in this firm that everyone seems to love it as they do? Let’s find out

The Beginning…

eBay, the world famous e-commerce firm, first entered the Indian market in 2004 by acquiring the Indian online auction site Baazee.com for $50 million. At that time, online shopping in India was far from imagined, with only 3.9 million Internet users participating from the country and most considering e-commerce a taboo due to various fraudulent websites. Initially, eBay India followed Baazee’s business model where customers could buy and sell products among themselves.

eBay Website Shot
eBay Website Shot

But as India’s online retail market evolved, eBay adopted a model where it linked merchants and consumers. Also, while other online marketplaces such as Flipkart and the India-arm of the US giant, Amazon, focused on roping in merchants who sell in India, eBay spotted another opportunity- providing a platform to small businesses to sell their goods outside India.


eBay India is steadily gaining momentum after a bit of a hitch because of a slow initial response. The last two to three years have been of huge importance to the growth of this e-business as it savaged more than 240 million web users. With many ties along the line, including a tie up with the industry group Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) in April 2012, eBay has been constantly on the lookout to provide the best customer experience as well as to provide small and medium enterprises access to global markets. Exporters now comprise a third of sellers registered with eBay India. While these exporters register with eBay India, they also need to set up their accounts separately on various eBay sites globally to sell products internationally.


Now, in every 10 seconds, a commodity by an Indian merchant gets sold on eBay. The most sold items, among others, are the ever loved smartphones.

People prefer buying smartphones from the Internet as physical stores charge thousands extra as commissions and taxes whereas they can buy the same phones on the Internet at much cheaper rates.


Now this gets confusing then. If you are to buy a smartphone on the internet, which of the various firms like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon, are you to choose from?

Most of these sellers are highly trustworthy and deliver your devices to your doorstep. But what is the difference between all the above firms and eBay?

  1. Admit it- the first ever e-commerce site you would have heard of was eBay. They are an international brand, successfully and satisfactorily delivering commodities to people worldwide, since ages.
  2. Hence, they are well experienced and know the needs of the consumer.
  3. Most of the times, they cost you lesser than rival firms.
  4. They are quick in delivery, and also offer preferred payment methods like cash-on-delivery.
  5. They are International and famous, duh, so they never mess up with your orders by selling stones and mangoes (Flipkart, hear us).
  6. One more thing of note is that eBay has always got some or the other offers up in the air. So, you want to buy something, head there.

Smartphones bought on eBay are going to cost you a lot less than they will cost you anywhere else. Try as we might, but when it comes to e-shopping, eBay is, by far, the King.

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