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Even Lamborghini sounds cheaper than Vertu’s latest phone!

vertu signature cobra 2.3 crore phone

Beauty lies within, but the idea is often challenged by innovative designers who strive to create something jaw dropping and equally attractive. However, a UK based phone took things way too far by announcing a phone that costs more than a freaking Lamborghini.

Vertu’s Signature Cobra

Vertu is a UK based phone manufacturer that specializes with hand-crafted phones and recently launched its feature phone called Signature Cobra. Supposedly, there are only 8 of these phones in the world, with each costing a heart-breaking INR 2.4 crore. You know, just to maintain its ‘not for the crowd’ status quo.

vertu signature cobra 2.3 crore phone


Designed by Boucheron

This ‘special’ phone was designed by a French jewellery brand called Boucheron, and indeed they have had all the chances to showcase their craftsmanship with 439 rubies and 388 separate parts that grow into a pair of cobras curling around the phone’s front panel.

vertu signature cobra 2.3 crore phone


Crazy about Gems

Aside from a huge number of gemstones, the focus shifts towards the eye of these pretty cobras, that are bedazzled with emerald. Even if the Signature Cobra is somewhat a modified version of Virtu’s original Signature phones, but a ton of extraordinary stones make it too precious to compare with virtually anything at all.

vertu signature cobra 2.3 crore phone

Since the entire highlight of this unearthly device is its cost-creepy cobra, no one’s even worried about its technical specs.

Must be Good!

For most of us, an HQ phone begins with a bare minimum of full-touch screen, like in case of Samsung S8. But this is not one of those phones that challenges the existing technology. On the contrary Signature Cobra comes with actual keypad, so that the keys can be isolated with gold panel.

Exclusive Delivery

If you’re one of those rich brats who plans on buying one of the 8 limited phones, it can be pre-ordered for $145, which in turn will be delivered via helicopter. That’s quite some effort to add exquisiteness right from its built to delivery.

vertu signature cobra 2.3 crore phone

Although you may want to hurry, as only one of these will be sold online, via JD.com, a Chinese e-commerce website.

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