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Everything we Know about Enchanting Apple AirPods


You all might be knowing that the Apple AirPods just launched for sale. As of now, you can order it online and if you need for the availability of offline stores, you might have to wait for another week till it reaches Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Resellers. In the meantime, we wanted to let our users know all the features and advancement in this amazing device.

The new wireless companion

With the new iPhone 7, which has been made tad compact and has been certified water resistant, the number of openings in the device has been reduced and hence eliminating the 3.5mm headphone jack and hence these AirPods are the best wireless companion for the new iPhone.

The W1 smart-chip


This is an Apple in-house technology which is used in these Airpods and is so well designed that it consumes very less amount of battery (compared to other wireless device) and never drops its connection and most importantly, it delivers a supreme audio quality being wireless. Though there are not much products available with this chip integrated, but Apple has partnered with Beats to provide few other wireless solution using the same technology.

Siriwith just a tap


With the Airpods, it’s very convenient to connect to Apple’s Voice assistant – Siri, even when your phone resides inside your pocket. You just need to double tap on the Airpods and Siri is there at your service. User can use this service to change their songs from their playlist or even ask their queries like the temperature details, traffic conditions and many more like ever before.

Battery and the Charging Case

Battery and the Charging Case

The Airpods come accompanied with a small white case, which itself is its charging case. The best part of the charging case is that it charges your Airpods with a battery life of up to 24hours, the Airpods itself has a battery capacity up to 5 hours but we all know that’s not enough. The Airpods take very less amount of time to charge. Apple claims that 15 minutes of charging is enough for more than 3 hours of music playback so it concludes that it charges completely in less than 30 minutes’ window.

Moreover, another aspect of the charging case is that it helps you to connect your Airpods with your iPhone seamlessly. Just open the case and it gets detected into the nearest iPhone and you can connect it with a tap of your finger.

N.B-  Apple Airpods do come with a 1-year free battery replacement program. For more info, you can refer to the official website.

Last but not the least: Pricing



A pair of Apple Airpods will cost you $159 which roughly translates to INR 11,000. You can get it online from the Apple website or else you can walk down to the nearest Apple Store or the Authorized Reseller next week to get one for yourself.

Apple has incorporated many aspects of technology in these Airpods and these are one of the best wireless earphones available on this planet now. If you want the convenience of the W1 chip and the seamless connectivity, you need to try them or you can explore the options which Apple has partnered with. Hope it was a good read for you all, keep reading our blogs for more.



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