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Exploring The Reluctance Around Buying Used Electronic Products

Buying Used Electronic Products

In spite of the significant drop in prices, most people are still not comfortable buying a secondhand mobile, or a used tablet. There are many vendors who sell used electronic products which are as good as new. But we become apprehensive with the thought of buying these and get prepared to shell out extra bucks to buy a new one. Even products that are recently purchased and unused are not easily sold. Let’s dig deeper and figure out the reasons behind this behavior.


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Difficulty In Trusting A Third Party Seller

It’s one thing to buy a used laptop from a friend or an acquaintance, but a whole other scenario if the vendor is an unknown person. With so many frauds online selling fake items, it’s hard to trust. But with more and more trustworthy e-commerce sites coming into the picture, even used electronic products are now finding a market and people are slowly opening up to it.


Uncertainty About How Much The Product Has Been Used

The quality of the used product which is being sold can’t be judged just by its model or its purchase date. It depends on how much it has been used by the owner. Also, one cannot possibly figure out how it has been maintained. These are some of the factors that make people think twice when they head out to buy an old laptop, or an old tablet.


Lack Of Warranty Or Guarantee

Used devices don’t come with any warranty. So there’s no scope to return or even exchange your gadget if something goes wrong. And the fact that it is used makes it all the more susceptible to problems. The vendor who sold it to you need not even be a fraud. The device may just have chosen a bad moment to break down. But then, this affects your pocket, which you’re obviously more worried about!


Not Being Able To Use The Device Before Buying

If it’s a friend or an acquaintance who wants to sell his/her laptop or mobile phone, you have an opportunity to try it on first. You get to check whether it’s in a good condition. You can be a better judge and then decide whether or not to go for it. If you think it is worth your money, you can go ahead, if not, you always have the option to decline. But you will have the satisfaction of having seen the product in your hand, which is not possible otherwise; a factor that discourages people from buying used gadgets.


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