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Fab Face-off: iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 6S Plus!


Apple launched the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus last year which were two extremely valuable and equally awesome phones. Among the two flagships, the iPhone 6 Plus met huge critical acclaim as a result of the fair competition it gave to the best phablet devices launched in the same duration.


With the launch of 6S & 6S Plus this year, one might wonder about the key differences between the relatively old and the newly launched Apple phablets. So we listed some differences & similarities to make it easy for you to find out the best iPhone worth your money. Check it out!






Apple followed their same rule of ‘Beauty in Simplicity’ and kept the iPhone 6 Plus as simple as ever. The device has the same curves at the edges, brush metal aluminium back, gorgeous front glass, the circular home button with the integrated fingerprint scanner and the same button arrangement.


The iPhone 6S Plus also flaunts exactly the same design as its predecessor. Nothing has changed in the device, at least when it comes to the look, touch and feel. On the exterior, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish the two.




The newer iPhablet features the same 5.5 inch, 1080p display – with Apple’s flagship Retina display pixel density of 401, as on offer on the iPhone 6 Plus before it. This is the highest ppi Apple has offered until today on any iPhone. The large and crisp screen means data consumption and video watching is a breeze.




Internal Specifications


The iPhone 6S Plus features the new A9 processor while the older device featured an A8. 6S Plus also features a RAM upgrade to 2 GB that allows swift multitasking. Both of these incremental upgrades account to an almost 50% better performance on iPhone 6S Plus.


On the other hand, power consumption too has been reduced in the A9 chipset as a result of better efficiency & power management architecture. The 6S Plus is undeniably the better device in this department. Storage divisions are similar in both the models.




The iPhone 6 Plus featured an 8MP rear camera and a 1.2 MP front shooter. Video capture on the cameras was 1080p and 720p respectively. The iPhone 6S Plus, however, features an upgraded 12 MP rear cam and a 5 MP front one. The front camera offers video capture in 1080p that translates to superior photography and video capture.


What’s new in iPhone 6S Plus?


The iPhone 6S Plus offers a cool new 3D touch which is not offered by many manufacturers. The touch screen on the iPhone 6S Plus is pressure sensitive, which means that pressure difference can be detected by the OS to perform different tasks.


Basis Of Difference-1


While both the devices are amazing, the iPhone 6S Plus certainly offers more features and a significant upgrade in performance. Superior camera, a power efficient & faster processor and the indispensable 3D Touch does make it appealing enough!


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