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Cruel Intentions: Facebook Crashed Its Android App Intentionally!


The time when Android phones ruled the market, Facebook decided to create its own app for Android users. Initially, all was fine with the app, but there were problems regarding crashing of the Facebook app. It used to crash when some comments were about to be read, while having some conversation, hitting the like button.




Initially the users believed that it was due to less memory storage or low RAM in the phone, but now the truth has been revealed that Facebook intentionally crashes its app frequently. Facebook is no stranger to perform these kinds of experiments. This indicates that they have not learnt from their previously made mistakes.


The information revealed that Facebook in order to test the limits of their user base would come up with constant app crashes and crash the app intentionally several times. This is because the belligerent relationship of Facebook with Google. Facebook has placed many apps within the app overshadowing Google’s terms of service for Google Play Store, as claimed by Google.




If the app was taken out of the Google Play, Facebook wanted a backup plan to be implemented. Manufacturers of phones like Samsung had a deal that its phones would come with an inbuilt Facebook app. Previously in 2004, Facebook had changed the news feed in order to check whether the moods of 700,000 active users were altered or not.




Reports claim that this experiment conducted by Facebook happened many years ago and it took place only once. The only thing users would be saying is that Facebook should be more aware of its power and should stop treating its users like pawn in these kinds of experiments. If you were also a victim to Facebook’s crash experiments, do share your experience with us.


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