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Your Profile Pics are now Safer on FB; this is how


Facebook has introduced a new measure in India to protect users’ pictures from getting copied and misused. This comes after many social and safety organizations reported to Facebook that many women were hesitant to upload their pictures out of fear that those would be used by anti-social elements.

How It’ll Work

The tools have been developed in coherence with a range of organizations concerned with women’s safety. Users who opt to protect their profile picture will be marked by a blue shield border around their image. Facebook has also said that on Android, at least, they will prevent screenshots of users’ profiles from being taken, as much as possible.

Possible impact

This measure has been adopted as a result of tests. The tests have shown that something as simple as adding a design overlay to a picture can bring down misuse by a significant degree. However, it is worth mentioning that although this measure will have some effect, it still will not eliminate possibilities of misuse. After all, screenshots can still be taken from a laptop or desktop. This would make the new protective feature a visual deterrent at best. The positive aspect is that since simple changes have been shown to reduce misuse, this measure is also expected to serve as a deterrent, if not a fool proof protection.

For the time being, this feature is present only to users in India. Whether Facebook adopts any similar strategy (even though it’s done quite the opposite in the past) in other countries remains to be seen.