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Facebook Messenger’s Native Camera Update seems like A Snapchat Rival


Snapchat is already famous for its creative photo filters and tons of effects. It’s a platform to showcase life stories and moments clubbing these mentioned features. We’ve also seen that Instagram has also implemented such feature in its newer version a few months back. This time, another app from Facebook niche has made its very attempt in this and it is none other than Facebook Messenger.

This camera tool update started rolling earlier this week and is now available to the major mass of people. The company coined it as ‘Native Camera’ and it’s very easy to access and has clubbed itself with tons of effects and filters. This Native Camera can turn out to be a Snapchat rival considering the features and the user base Facebook Messenger it contains.

Facebook vs Snapchat

With this new update, the user can find the camera button at the bottom center of the screen. Tap the button to take a picture or hold and long press it to record a short video. There are many special effects in the camera like 3D masks, stickers, doodle and many more props. Users can even create their own mask instead of depending on the provided ones. Moreover, the UI has been tweaked a bit which adds a bold look to the app. Users will also get a search bar to look up for pre-made arts and effects for related images.

Another important feature which Facebook has integrated into the camera is the notification system which will display new themes and effects when they are added to the vault. Earlier, the users had the option to click an image inside some conversation and send it to them but now they can click it before hand and then select whom they want to send it.

For further creativity, they have added a palette option which gives the user a blank canvas to show their creativity with stickers, arts, and doodles. Apart from this, the messenger can still be used to communicate with friends and every other feature is kept intact. But with this update, Messenger might become an image-centric app where a user will share their selfies and pictures rather than communicating via texts.

The update has rolled out globally and the user can get their hands on it from their respective App Store. It seems that the app has the potential to overtake Snapchat’s user base and get more youth-centric attention and share their life stories with its much innovative features and Messengers huge active user base of more than a billion. We will be waiting for more user reviews and hands-on experience. If you want to give it a try, just update your Messenger app and roll the dice.


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