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Facebook Plays Cupid


Looks like Facebook is trying to seep into every aspect of the human life. Not being content with sharing the data of nearly 87 million of its users to a foreign data handling company, Facebook now wants users to give more of their personal data so that it can make dating recommendations to you.

This would most certainly be the end of the most popular dating app currently on the planet, Tinder. Combined with Facebook’s incredibly large and humungous database along with its machine learning and pattern recognition technology, the social media giant could make all other dating apps mostly obsolete.

Facebook had debuted this feature at its F8 Developer Conference back in May and it is quite obvious that people are going to be hooked on to it. As per Facebook, there are as many as 200 million people who haven’t found their right match. This number happens to be near twice the size of Tinder’s entire user base.

Though Tinder’s CEO has stated that he is not afraid of the new dating features that Facebook might bring in, he has every reason to be scared. Facebook’s detailed data on each of its users will be the tipping point in how matches are made and how easily it would work out for both the parties involved.

For one, your Facebook profile and your dating profile will be completely different, though the dating profile will be taking cues from the user’s original profile.

Using Facebook’s advanced matching algorithms you can get matches based on your dating preferences, things in common, and mutual friends. This happens to be way superior to what Tinder has to offer as it just matches you with people near your area.

In many cases, there will also be the option for you to find romantic interests via shared Groups and Events. Take, for example, if you’re attending a concert, then you will receive an option wherein you’ll be able to “unlock” your profile, which would give you access to a new matching mechanism so that potential matches who have said they’re going to the same show can see it.

The social network says it’s going to start testing Dating later this year, and that it’s not going to use information from the feature to target ads.

But really though? How many of us would really trust Facebook with our data after all the Cambridge Analytica fiasco? The truth is that Facebook might win us over with the new Dating app feature but it still lags behind in providing proper data protection for its users and that will be a big factor in deciding exactly how many people will opt for this program.