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Faceoff: PlayStation 4 Versus Xbox One!


The world of gaming is the only place where your excitement, craze, adrenalin rush, joy, enthusiasm, etc. fluctuates with every passing second. In such a world, there is always a face-off between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as to which one makes for a better choice. Though both of them have stepped up the gaming expectations of their die-hard fans, one question that boggles everyone is that which one surpasses the other.




Media Streaming


PS4 has recently entered as a streaming console from its predecessor PS3 which was known for playing music and video from a PC. Sony has many streaming games where you would require $20 to $45 for subscription. However, Microsoft has a different and more user friendly approach. It offers free access to streaming services like that of Netflix, for paid subscribers to the service.


For example, as a cable TV subscriber, you can have the luxury of connecting your cable to the console for enhancing the performance as well as functions. Hence, as far as media streaming is concerned, Xbox One has an edge over PlayStation 4 (Upgrade Here).





Subscription Price


PS4 and Xbox One charge a specific amount annually for giving access to a world of awesome online games, free monthly games along with other features and sale discounts. Sony’s Play Station Plus is slightly priced less at $50 than the Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold at $60. They offer mind-blowing services with the entry of captivating games on a monthly basis.


Both of them are also compatible with different consoles as well. For example, if you are the user of Xbox One or Xbox 360, you can very much take the advantage of Xbox Live Gold. Similarly, users of PS4, PS3 or PS Vita, get the series of benefits of PS Plus. Considering the slightly lower price, PS4 clearly swipes the advantage in this case.




Final Thoughts


For those who are looking towards the mind-blowing, jaw-dropping & glued-to-the-console type games, then a PlayStation 4 will serve as a suitable console. It has an edge over other consoles as the entry of proposed future games will further be a big advantage. In the meantime, make sure you sell your old gaming consoles at ReGlobe in order to upgrade to the best ones. For a speedy quote, download the Cashify App & enjoy instant cash at your doorstep!


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